americanfairy (americanfairy) wrote in tin_and_jewels,

Something I Can Never Have 3/?

Title: Something I Can Never Have: Part 3/?
Author: AmericanFairy
Characters/Pairings: Cain/DG extreme UST. Mentionings of other characters.
Rating: R
Summary: She calms his hate and soothes his tortured soul. She's both everything to him and yet something that he can never have.
Warning: Angst and smut
Disclaimer: I do not own Tin Man or The Wizard of Oz. Simply a fangirl throwing in my thoughts from the peanut gallery.
Word Count: 2,382
A/N: I know that it's been a while since I updated this so I apologize.  As usual this is unbeta's so any and all mistakes are my own. Special "thank yous" go out to [info]badgirl2bad4u[info]godess_jessie[info]rissy_james, and everyone else who has encouraged me while writing this.

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