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Fanfiction - " I Think I've Seen this Movie" (PG)

Disclaimer: There are some things I own, but Tin Man is not one of them(unless you count DVDs) Tin Man belongs to Steven L. Mitchell, Craig W. Van Sickle, and all the other grand high Mucky Mucks of Sci-Fi. No copyright infringement is intended, and of course no money was made from this. Any similarity to any other story not my own is coincidence.

Title: I Think I've Seen this Movie
Genre: AU/Romance/fluff; Dorothy Gale/Wyatt Cain
Rating: PG; rated for some sexual innuendo
Timeline: Sometime after the mini-series
Author's Notes: The movie DG quotes is "To Have and Have Not" Oh, and this is a shameless bit of fluff, so, if you're looking for anything serious, you shall be sorely disappointed. *wry grin*

Hey, look what muse back from her vacation
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