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Tin_and_Jewels: A Cain/DG Community

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A Cain/DG Community


.: About:.
This community is dedicated to the relationship between Wyatt Cain and DG from SciFi’s MiniSeries Tin Man.

.: Rules :.
♦ Any content must in some way include Cain and/or DG (preferably together).
♦ Any images must be rated accordingly (please label is said image isn’t work safe)
♦ Please place all images being a lj-cut. 2 or 3 icons are okay but anything more then that wont be acceptable.
♦Please be kind and courteous to everyone.
♦No Flaming/Trolling/Being A Jerk.
♦ You can only advertise Tin Man related content or communities and even then they must relate to Cain/DG.

.: Affiliates :.
- If you’d like to become one just comment on the first post -
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